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MCSnet Phone

MCSnet Phone

Port your number:

If your current phone number is in one of our available local number areas, then you should be able to port your current number over to MCSnet Phone to continue using it. The porting process normally takes few weeks to complete. You will have to fill out some forms for the phone porting process.

Check to see if your number can be ported and grab the necessary forms from our phone porting page.

Free long distance to most of Canada and the United States

Please use the rate calculator to check the long distance rate to a specified phone number.

You will have to pre-allocate funds to your account before you can make calls to charged destinations.

Due to a high incidence of fraud, calling to some international regions is not supported. List of blocked international destinations.


Online documentation and support for MCSnet Phone can be found in our support section.

Use high speed Internet to save on your phone bill

Phone with long distance for $29.95 per month

MCSnet Phone is a Voice over IP (VoIP) service, where you connect a phone adapter box, provided by MCSnet, to your Internet connection (compatible router required) to use your regular phone through the Internet connection.

Free Long distance is included to the Canadian provinces and the (lower) continental US.

MCSnet Phone is the cheaper option for your residential home phone service.


Free long distance to most of the US and Canada

Free long distance for calls to any of the Canadian provinces as well as the lower continental United States. Rates do apply for calls to the Canadian territories, as well as Hawaii, Alaska, and other American territories. You will have to have some funds allocated to your account before you can make distance calls to cost per minute destinations. If you would like to check the cost for calling a destination, you can enter the phone number in the rate calculator.

Caller ID and Call Display

Caller ID and Call display is included, but the outgoing caller ID only displays the phone number, it does not send the name.

Call Waiting

Call waiting allows you to switch to another call while on the phone.

Voicemail and Voicemail through Email

Call features are controlled by logging into the 'my account' page of the MCSnet website, where you can turn on voicemail and set your voicemail password. Another handy feature is the ability to turn on email notification when you receive a voicemail, as well as have the audio file attached to the email so that you can listen to the message from your computer.

Local Number Availability

Local numbers are available in these regions:

  • Bonnyville, AB
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Fort Saskatchewan, AB
  • Lloydminster, AB
  • Sherwood Park, AB
  • St. Paul, AB
  • Vegreville, AB
  • Wainwright, AB

Please visit our number portability page for locations where number porting is available.

How VoIP Compares to a Traditional Land Line

Call quality can vary with the Internet connection. Because the phone will rely upon the Internet, quality may be affected by difficulties with your Internet connection, and heavy use of the Internet connection may limit the phone's communication. The phone will be disrupted if your Internet is disrupted, this includes instances like power outages or hitting your monthly traffic cap for the Internet.

You may need to purchase a compatible Asus router if you do not already have one (routers are used when connecting more than 1 device), and many routers are not VoIP compatible (Dlink, Netgear, etc.). MCSnet recommends Asus routers for maximum VoIP compatibility.

Calling is unlimited, but MCSnet reserves the right to limit free long distance to 3000 minutes per calendar month.

Outgoing caller ID only displays the phone number, not your name.

Number Porting is free, but it can take a few weeks to complete. You must keep the number you want ported over active until this process is complete. See the list on the right side of our phone porting page for a list of supported areas.

911 does not work the same way as a traditional phone line, and 411 and directory assistance are not available (any charges for services like directory assistance will be applied to the monthly bill).

Calling high cost destinations requires funds in the calling allowance. For long distance calling outside of the free coverage, the calling allowance will need funds before a high cost call can be placed. If the funds are used up while on a call, the call will not disconnect, and a balance owing will add up at the by minute rate. Use the rate calculator to know the per minute charge.

Only 1 phone line is supplied from the phone adapter, and only 1 phone adapter per IP address. You can feed this line to your existing home phone wiring (disconnect the existing feed first) to distribute this throughout your home, but you will have to do this yourself, as MCSnet does not provide a telephone wiring service. Cordless phone systems can also be used to help distribute the phone throughout your house, but some budget cordless phones are known to have problems and create interference with the Internet, brand name DECT 6.0 phones are recommended.

MCSnet phone does not support faxing.

Having an alternative phone like a cell phone is a requirement. You will need a way to make calls in the case your MCSnet phone or Internet service goes down.

Collect calling to MCSnet Phone is not supported. There is currently no support to pass on charges from other phone companies to your account, collect calling is not possible.

You should be aware of the possibility of hearing a short beeping tone that may sound like the person on the other side of the line pressed a button on their phone. This is called talkoff, where if the audio from the other end of the line matches the dual tone noise (DTMF) of a telephone key press for long enough, it will be send through the line as if that key was pressed.

MCSnet Phone is not suitable for business use as only 1 phone line per connection is supported.

No Commitment

With no minimum contract length, you can cancel at any time. There is no deactivation fee if you return the phone adapter, but be sure to keep the box and accessories intact. If you decide that MCSnet phone is not going to work for you, cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund when you return the phone adapter.